We want Yello India to be about quality listings. A place where listings from advertisers are trusted and not simply a place full of spam.

That’s why we have added a new review listings feature for Yello India.

It’s a really easy way for you to review listings for items you have bought or sold on Yello India, as well as rate services you liked or jobs you landed and are happy with.

Of course we want to remain impartial on Yello India so you can post both negative and positive feedback.

Don’t Post Any Identifiable Information Or Spam

When you post a review on Yello India don’t use it to spam an advert with an advert of your own or to promote anything that is against our terms and conditionsyou will be banned.

Don’t include anything that can be used to identify you, such as your address, phone number or email address.

Instead, be honest with your review and include what you think other Yello India users would want to see. Your reviews will help other Yello users make informed decisions so the content of your review is important.

Reviewing A Listing on Yello India Is Easy

If you want to review a listing on Yello India you can do it in a few simple steps.

  • Log in to Yello India (you cannot review a listing if you have not signed up as a member of Yello India).
  • Click the ad you want to leave a review for.
  • Click Write a Review.
  • Fill out your review and give a star rating. Be as descriptive as possible.
  • Fill out the captcha and click Submit Review to post your review.

That’s all there is to it! Your listing review will now be live on Yello India.

How To View Listing Reviews

To view any reviews for a listing you simply click an advert on Yello India and then click the Reviews tab.

We hope you have found this article useful for how to use one of the new Yello India features. We encourage all Yello India users to use the site safely and post reviews to help other Yello India users get the most from the site. Your reviews also help ensure quality reviews and help reduce the spam listings on the site.

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