Last Updated: 7th August 2023

Is the site available in my language?

We have added a language drop-down menu to all Yello sites. Please use that to choose your preferred language. We are currently using machine based translations so languages other than English may not be 100% correct right now.

How do I register?

To register, click Sign Up/Log In to be taken to the sign in page. From there you can register and follow the steps to create an account with Yello which you can use to sign in.

You cannot use one account for all Yello sites. Instead, you must sign up individually for each of the Yello sites you want to post ads on.

I have problems with my registration, I cannot login

Make sure you have already created a new account with Yello. 

Any account from the old Yello sites will not work.  Check to see you are entering the right email address and password. 

Why do I have to register?

Security and protection – for yourself and all other users. We have to make sure that you are who you say you are, thereby protecting you and other consumers from fraud and scams.

Where is the ad I posted?

All acceptable ads will be marked with a green verified tick and will appear on the main page once they have been reviewed by a moderator and found to be within our terms and conditions.

How can I edit my personal information?

Log in to your account.  Click My Account and then edit any of your account details and save the changes.

I forgot my username or password, what can I do?

Click the Sign In link and use the forgotten password link.

How can I post an ad?

  • Login with your username and password, then click Add Listing.
  • Select the category and subcategory you want to post your ad in.
  • Enter the details of your advert (all fields are required and must be completed).
  • Post any pictures.
  • Publish your ad.

Please note that every ad posted will be moderated before being shown, if suitable.

How much does a posting cost?

Posting is free, You can sign up as a free user for the Yello site that you want to post on. You can then post 5 adverts only and each listing will expire after 7 days.

To see how many listings you have posted, make sure you are logged in, click My Account > Packages and you will see Listings Remaining, which will start at 5 and then decrease to zero.

Can I attach one or more pictures?

Yes. We fixed the image upload issue that was on the old sites.  Simply click the attach image button when you are creating your ad posting and attach your images.

For best results please make sure your images are 800 x 600 in size when you upload them.

The maximum allowed image size is 512kb.

Every advert must have at least one image that is relevant to your listing.

All images uploaded will have a Yello logo watermark added to them.

How Do I Choose My Preferred Listing Image?

When you add images to your listing (see above) you can put the images in order with the first image being the main image of your listing.

Simply click and drag each image until you have them in the order that you require and then save your listing.

How can users contact me when they like what I have in my ad?

When you post your ad you must enter your name only. We do not show your email address or phone number on any ads to prevent spam. Any user who is interested in your ad must first log in and then go to your advert and click Reply to Listing and follow the steps to contact you.

When they do this you will receive a private message.

Please note that the advertiser and the buyer are responsible for the contents of any and all private messages relating to an advert on Yello. 

It is not moderated or reviewed by Yello in any way and Yello is not responsible for nor liable for any damages that may occur.

How can I manage my ads?

Simply log in and go to My Account.  Under Listings you will see your ads.  Ads may be pending review, accepted or rejected.

How soon does my ad expire? Can I extend my ads?

Your ad will expire 7 days automatically after posting. 

To renew it, make sure you are logged in.  Go to your ad and click Edit

Make any changes and then click the Renew button to renew your ad for another 30 days.

How can I change a photo?

Make sure you are logged in.  Go to your ad and click Edit.  Change the image as required.

How can I tag an advert?

Currently we have removed this feature and it is not possible to tag an advert.

How can I review a sale?

If you want to leave a review for anything you purchase from Yello, go to the ad listing, click Write a Review and follow the steps.  You must be logged in to Yello to do this.

How can I report a listing?

If you spot any adverts that are against our terms you can report them. 

Simply go to the ad listing and click Report Listing and follow the steps.  Our moderation team will then review it.

How can I add a listing to favorites?

Make sure you are logged in to Yello. Browse to the ad and then click Add to Favorites.

What kind of ads are prohibited?

It is absolutely forbidden to advertise illegal products and services, such as, but not confined limited to:

  • Body parts of any kind
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Electronic surveillance equipment of any kind
  • Fireworks of any kind
  • Hazardous chemicals or material of any kind
  • Tobacco products of any kind
  • Lottery tickets of any kind
  • Used cosmetics of any kind
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Drugs of any kind
  • Stolen goods of any kind
  • Counterfeit goods of any kind
  • Sexual services of any kind (including massage services)
  • Financial or loan services of any kind (e.g. payday loans)
  • Work from home jobs or services of any kind
  • Love spells or advertising spells of any kind

Adverts submitted to be posted on Yello for any of the above will be immediately rejected and not posted without notice and can lead to your user account being banned.

What will you do with my personal data?

We will keep it safe and never give it to anybody – unless you authorize us to do so. We honor your privacy and have done our best to keep it that way.

All data will be stored safely with us.  Any and all information that you include when posting an advert on Yello you are responsible for. 

This information will be visible to other Yello users who can use it to communicate with you.

You are responsible for the accuracy of any and all information included when posting your advert. 

Yello is not liable in any way for any damages or loss of earnings incurred by you due to false information.

Make sure the information you are posted is genuine, otherwise you face being banned from Yello for spamming.

What happened to the old sites?

The original Yello sites were built using decade old web technology and server platforms. We decided that it would be quicker and easier to create a more modern version of Yello on WordPress. This means that we are starting fresh.

If you used Yello in the past, you must sign up again to start posting adverts.

We hope you like it.

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